Michael Klein will bring his sexy and hypnotic techno to the Lovefest Fire

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By:Marija Joksimović

Lokacija: Hangar, Belgrade

Michael Klein is a DJ and a producer from Frankfurt whom we'll have the opportunity to listen at the Lovefest Fire on March 10th alongside Pan-Pot and Gregor Tresher at Hangar. His new EP This Moment will be released on the exact same date, and Urban Bug readers have exclusive opportunity to listen to the main theme of the EP. We heard that Michael has extraordinary mixing skills and that he delivers energetic and hypnotic sets, and what he has heard about Belgrade you can read in the following interview after which we are eager to hear him at Lovefest Fire.


Michael Klein

You grew up in Frankfurt and you were surrounded with electronic music and parties, so we guess that is why you love electronic music. But why did you became a DJ, what was the main reason and what do you love the most about DJ-ing?
It started out with me preparing mixtapes of my favorite tracks to share with friends even before I knew what a DJ actually was. Some time after that I learned about DJs and what they do and I loved the idea of being able to actually blend all my favourite tracks together into one smooth mix. Over time I started to like this idea more and more of being able to take the listener or crowd on a musical journey.

How would you describe your DJ sets, tell us something about your mixing skills?
I would describe my sets as being sexy techno. I always try to keep it highly energetic while also staying groovy and trippy.

PREMIERE: Micheal Klein - This Moment (This Moment EP)


You work at Native Instruments, how much the technical side of DJ-ing is important to you?
At Native Instruments I am in charge on defining a lot of the concepts and workflows for our DJ hardware controllers. Therefore it is key for me to understand all technical possibilities of DJ’ing. For this I am frequently talking to other DJ colleges to understand what different ways of using the gear are out there.

Do you think that DJs use all the potential for creativity that new technology brings them?
I think there are just a few DJs that use ALL the potential of the latest DJ-ing technology out there. But also, I don't think this is a problem. I think each DJ should be allowed to pick and choose the pieces of technology and gear that suit him the best and that allow him or her to translate his or her ideas onto the dancefloor.

It’s probably a cliché but we have to ask, what is your
favourite piece of DJ equipment?
At the moment it is my BOSS DD-7 delay pedal. I love the way of how dirty it can sound and how it adds this raw character to my sets.


Michael Klein

You are also a producer. Guide us through the creative process of your production? What is the message or the emotion behind the music that you create?
When I produce, I try to work with a reduced amount of key elements and shape these to the exact state of my need. Most of the time I try to create a loop out of these key elements that kind of keeps on moving and morphing constantly so that no position within a track will sound the exact same as another one. The goal is to create a trippy or hypnotic theme that creates the main story for the track.

Speaking of producing, your new EP is coming out on March 10th. Tell us something about tracks, how long you have been working on them?

This Moment EP has been in the makes for quite a while. The 2 key tracks of the EP are based around vocal samples. You have to know that I don’t usually work with vocals too much. This time I wanted to challenge myself to base these tracks on the vocal samples becoming one of the key parts and I think it worked out quite well for the two tracks This Moment and Repeat while still staying in the trippy style I always try to achieve.

The EP will be released on Second State, a label owned by Pan-Pot. Tell us something more about the collaboration with them?

I first met Pan-Pot through my work at Native Instruments. Over the years we became friends as these guys are really open and super welcoming people. Once they started the label they asked me to send them some of the tracks that I am working on and that’s how the first Drawings EP was born.



You are also a label owner. You have launched BLK-DRP last year, tell us something more about the label, releases and some first impressions, does BLK-DRP stands for something special?
BLK DRP stands for Black Drop which is also represented in the logo of the label. The black drop has been an art piece I drew around a year ago and as I wanted this label to have a personal touch to itself I liked the idea of using this drawing as the name and logo. I could not be happier about the launch of the label. My originals have been supported by two amazing remixes of Amelie Lens and Raiz. Also, the artist and press feedback have been really amazing. Reading the DJ Mag and Mixmag reviews made me really proud and confirmed that I am on the right path with what I am doing. I am also very excited for the next release which is just in the pressing including remixes by Eduardo de la Calle and TWR 72. Two artists whose work I highly respect.

You are coming to Belgrade on Lovefest Fire on March 10th (the exact date when your EP will be released). Did you know that Electronic Beats, in an article about techno tourism that was published recently, mentioned Belgrade as one of top 10 cities every techno lover needs to visit. Did you hear something about our scene and our audience?
I have never been to Belgrade before and once that booking came in I started doing my research which is when I also found the top 10 list of electronic beats. I have also talked to other friends and DJs who have traveled to Belgrade already who already have told me about the very special energy of the crowds. Now I am very excited to experience this energy on my own.

You will be playing alongside Pan - Pot and Gregor Tresher that night, any messages for the audience in Belgrade? What can we expect from you that night?
I think this is a very great line up and I am very happy to be able to join these guys for the night. I will as always try to spin it rough but groovy. My message is: Let s connect and make this one special.



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