Metodi Hristov: I like to play in Serbia because people here like techno

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By:Marija Joksimović

Lokacija: Magacin Depo

Since he released track Step Outside in 2014, Bulgarian DJ and producer Metodi Hristov was literally stepped outside his homeland and infected the entire world with his unique dark tech house sound. Since then his career is moving fast forward and with every new release, Metodi proves that Step Outside wasn't a coincidence. As one more recognition of his talent and success comes the fact that he finished 2016 at seventh place amongst best tech house artists in the world on Beatport. 


We would say that he is probably one of the hardest working producers out there, because not only that he plays all around the world, he also manages to find time to produce a lot of new tracks for his own label Set About as well as for some of the most recognizable labels in the world. He is an absolute favorite of Serbian audience and he is coming to Belgrade this Friday 13th for the third time. We manage to take some of his super busy time to interview him in order to figure out what is the secret to his success. He also told us about his interesting plans in 2017.


Metodi Hristov

Metodi Hristov na Samo Tvrdo žurci u Beogradu / Foto: Ana Paunković

Tell us how was 2016 for you?
2016 was awesome & very important for my growth. I played at many different, quite interesting places, I released lots of music and reached higher positions in the charts. I was nominated for 2016’s best tech house artist and reached the 7th rank by voting. But probably the most important thing this year was the start of our label “Set About”, together with Gallya and my agent Marin. We also hosted two really successful Set About showcases in Argentina and Bulgaria. I’m sure that 2017 will be even better :)

We have noticed that you are into hyper production mode, there is always something new from you (not that we complain :) ). Not only for your own label, but also for other big labels. Where do you find inspiration and time, since you are traveling a lot, to produce so much new music?
The inspiration comes from almost everything but mainly when I listen to music - and I’m talking about different styles. Plenty of times I hear the question “how do you find time to produce so much music?”. I love producing - I’m into it almost every free moment. It’s not only my hobby, it really means a lot to me. When you love the things you do and have enough inspiration, things happen fast and easy :)


You have very specific style in creating music, can you tell us how do you see and feel your music, what is the message behind your tracks?
I’m not trying to send messages thru my music. I’m trying to express my feelings with it. Maybe because of this i have a specific style.

Guide us through the creative process of producing one "Metodi Hristov" track? What it needs to have is that they are ready for the dance floor?
There is no recipe for it. Almost every time I start the creative process in a different way. I’m never sure if a track is ready before I played it at a club. If I don’t like it after I played it, I fix some parts. This process can be done 4-5 times till i’m sure that everything’s ok.

In 2016 you have also done many remixes. Did you get the request to do them or did you just wanted to play them in your set so you gave them that Metodi Hristov vibe?

Every remix released in 2016 was made by request.


When we are speaking about your sets, they are also very unique, and most of the songs are your own. How do you prepare your sets and where do you search music that you are going to play?

I search for music everywhere, but mainly at Beatport.


Metodi Hristov

What equipment do you use for
you sets?
I’m playing with Traktor’s controller X1 and my laptop, but I always have 2 players besides in case of unforeseen complications. I prefer playing with the controller and the main reason is the jump function.

Almost all your tracks ended up on the very high positions on Beatport charts. If I remember very well, recently you had 5 songs in Top 100 tech house chart in a single day. How much does that mean to you?
It really means a lot to me, because that means that people are buying my music, and they appreciate it. That’s the real appraisal for my efforts.


It has been a year since you launched your label Set About and it seems to us that you had a really good year. Are you satisfied with the feedback and what are some plans for the label in 2017?
I’m really satisfied with what happened with Set About in 2016. I think people love it and we are very grateful for their support. We are also very thankful to Beatport for helping us a lot. I’m pretty sure that 2017 will be even better for our little elephant. We have really strong releases planed for this year, but I’m not going to mention names - lets be surprised :)

Our producer Aleksandar Ivkovic is on your label. But besides him do you know the work of some other DJs/producers from Serbia?
I like the work of Ilija Djokovic and I’m playing some of his tune.


Metodi Hristov

You are coming to Belgrade again on January 13th. Both times when you were here we had an awesome party and you really have a lot of fans in Serbia. What are your memories from those previous parties in Belgrade?
Yes, the last parties in Belgrade were really strong! A couple of months ago I played at Green Love Festival in Novi Sad and it was awesome again. I love to play in Serbia and Balkan peninsula generally because people here love techno and also the darkest side of the tech house.

Do you have a message for fans in Belgrade, what can we expect on Friday?

They can expect only good music and smiles!


What are your plans in 2017 when it comes to music?

2017 will be very hot for me literally because in February I’m going on a short Brazil tour again and in March on Australia - Asian tour. It will be my first time in Australia at a really big festival, with well-known names, so I’m really excited about it. And of course, you can expect a lot new tunes and interesting collaboration.


Raveolution party will be held at Magacin Depo venue, and beside Metodi Hristov there will also be Olivier Giacomotto alongside Serbian duo Phill & Dansmore and Dee.



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