Mad Cool announces news and improvements for its 2019 edition

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Mad Cool 2019 is heating up. With a line up that includes names such as The Cure, Bon Iver, The National, The 1975 and Vetusta Morla, Mad Cool claims once again to be a worldwide musical reference. In that endeavor, and with a sole commitment that the public will enjoy an unparalleled and vital musical experience, the organizers of the festival, will develop great technical innovations for the 2019 edition. There will also be huge improvements at the venue’s infrastructures with the only means of making it easier, simpler and more accessible for the visitors to attend the festival in Madrid.


Mad Cool 2019

With music, but also fashion and art. Mad Cool is much more than a music festival, which starts today, and will lead to its final party on July 11th, 12th and 13th.

News & Improvements

More space: The number of stages will be reduced to six, instead of seven as in its previous edition. The VIP area in front of the stage will no longer exist.

The limited capacity will decrease to 5.000 people per day

A new technology for visitor access. Mad cool is working closely with a prestigious and renown company in order to ensure the adequate functioning of the technical network. In addition to this, for all of the online ticket sales, wristbands will be delivered anywhere in the world. (1)

All ticketholders, full festival ticket or a daily ticket, are entitled to transport back to Madrid from the venue at Valdebebas, free of charge from 1:30am until 5:30am, aiming to minimize unnecessary waiting for any visitor.

In line with the new law for large events by Madrid’s City Council, Mad Cool is working on a specific mobility plan with the Transport Consortium and the General Mobility Directorate of Madrid City Council. They are also getting advice by a renown and prestigious specialized Engineering Department.

Improvement of the access road, hall, as well as all transit areas of the venue to make pedestrian crossing easier and more confortable.

Violet point. Mad Cool 2019 emphasizes in its social commitment, reinforcing and expanding this feature, even though, there were no major incidents on the festival’s previous edition.

There will be an increase in the number of public toilets.

The size in meters of the bars and the number of waiters will also increase in order to speed up the service.

Mad cool in numbers. Our milestones

Mad Cool’s data is absolutely overwhelming; 240.000 visitors, a budget over 21 million euros, and an economic impact in Madrid of 64,6 millions.

A brief summary in figures:

Human potential:

240.000 visitors, 134% more than in 2016 edition
103.468 from Madrid
62.448 from the rest of Spain
74.064 international from over 86 different countries
425 accredited press. 98 international press coming from over 21 countries.

Impact in the economic activity:

The budget for 2018 was 21,2 million euros, 126% higher in comparison with the first edition of Mad Cool back in 2016.
The festival and its visitors generated a growth in the economic activity of Madrid of 64,6 million euros. This means 179% increase compared to 2016 edition.
Taxes generated from Mad Cool 2018: 13,1 million euros, 216% increase over 2016 festival.
In 2018, Mad Cool generated 50 euros for each euro they received from public administrations.
Mad Cool created 5.126 jobs, which represents an increase of 157% from its first edition.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Mad Cool maintains a firm social commitment.

From its very beginnings back in 2016, the festival open several work exchanges opportunities in different districts of Madrid in order to support economically, diverse social initiatives. This initiative, adds up to the 15% of the ticket sales and complimentary tickets dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility.

In 2018, a generous donation has been made to the Semillero Cool Project of the Foundation for Social Action for Music of 17.812,65€



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