Лансирање #04 - L A N S S S Gala


Datum dešavanja: 14.09.2019

Pročitano:786 puta

Mesto dešavanja: Cetinjska 15, Iza srebrnih vrataKomentari: 0


Adresa:Cetinjska 15

Dearest Earthlings, LANS Secret Society is honored to invite you to a gala evening that will take place and time during a full moon in Pisces. For the first time in history, we are opening the doors of our intergalactic trans-dimensional organization devoted to extending the limits of living experience and giving you the opportunity to become a member. As you enter our sacred halls, you will have no use of the knowledge you obtained in the outside world. You will find yourself in a labyrinth of your own making. Series of initiations and rituals are prepared to help you find the exit that launches you in to the otherworldly.

Mass rituals in •LUNAR ZENIT• will be carefully conducted by:


On •ANTUMBRA• private initiations are handled with precision and confidence by:

•Scoro (RO)
•grof K.T.I

LOCATION: deeply hidden in a tunnel of Cetinjska 15 - Look for the silver door.

DRESS CODE : that one outfit deeply hidden in the subconscious.

ENTRY PASSES: Presale 500 RSD at LIFT, Cetinjska 15. On entrance 600 RSD before midnight/700 RSD after midnight.

We hope this invitation and instructions serve you well.
Now, all you need to do is show up and see where the night (and ceremony) takes you.

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