Donna Leake | NTS (London, UK)


Donna Leake | NTS (London, UK)

Datum dešavanja: 07.12.2019

Pročitano:290 puta

Mesto dešavanja: 20/44Komentari: 0

Grad:Beograd, Srbija

Adresa:Savski Kej BB

Info telefon:+381 64 2448013

White City Soul & Mountain Music Fest proudly presents this prodigious, genre-shifting young DJ that offers something different entirely than the average hudrum selections of DJs dominating clubs across the UK.

She holds a residency at NTS radio and she is definitely amongst their most talented resident DJ’s, with a taste as versatile as her mind is open to everything spiritual and eclectic. Whether DJing alone or as one third of Wind and Skins with long-time co-conspirators Ece Duzgit and Debora Ipekel, Donna is, like most great DJs, more interested in cultivating a vibe or atmosphere than excelling in one particular genre or sound, performing a strange and fantastic alchemy that forges surprising connections between the different sections of her vast record collection. Her sets are always the result of the mood she’s in. Mostly happy uptempo, sometimes groovy soul, but one thing’s for sure: her sets go deep!

Music for open ears, open minds, open hearts and zero expectations.

Local heroes:
Чорбика / Chorbika

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